Long Distance Relationship

“I promise to love you for eternity, to be beside you in any condition of our life, to honor you each and every day, to laugh out loud with you and to cry along in your sad moments…….”, this is one of the usual conversation that gives a start to a new relation and gives a tag of “lovers” to the two beautiful soul that decide to come together as a couple. 

Falling in love is as beautiful as it sounds. Finding a right partner to share your feelings and emotions, someone who understands you even with the language of no words, someone who sees the world the way you do and someone who treasures you like a precious jewel. Once fallen in love, one tries to go beyond the extremities to make his/her lover the happiest, and to build all the beautiful memories together. 

But as we say ‘every coin has its two sides’, as the clock ticks and days passes by, there comes a time when each couple has to go under some test and mostly it comes in the form of “LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS”When I say this, i guess most of you would agree that being in a long distance relation is ‘not a cup of tea for all’. Its easy to fall in love but difficult to make it last. I’ve seen many couples failing to overcome the obstacle of distance stress, despite of the love they possess for each other. 
In a long distance relation, the frequently held dates, tight hugs, soft kisses, the look of your beloved, the eyes that spoke without any words and all the other gestures are replaced now with calls, texts, skype chats and video calls. Its  difficult to get used to it. The amount of insecurities, the fear of loosing your lover to someone else, unrealistic imagination of he/she might be cheating on you when he/she can’t receive your calls is a natural thing to arise in such a situation. Doubts and misuderstandings are the major reasons why most of us loose our hands from the most interesting affairs or relations. That’s why its necessary to understand the other person, the circumstances itself before bringing any negative thoughts in mind. 
Long distance relationships has its own beautiful moments too that nothing else can replace. 

wishing for the time when we no longer have to wait for a certain date to meet.

Once separated, people usually realize eachothers importance in their life which probably was left underestimated before. The amount of love that used to be expressed in the forms of hugs and kisses are now told in words- long lovely texts that helps each realize the importance of oneself in their partners life. Not only that, late night chats, that makes you drowsy the next morning, each day when you miss your love of life like hell and wait for the moment to talk and express every little detail in brief, to dance with eachother through video calls in a special song, 

this heart still wants to see ur hand in mine and dance to our love tune!!
this heart still wants to see yours hand in mine and dance to our love tune!!

and sometimes crying your heart out holding your pillow-tight-to-your-chest just beacause you recalled every single moment you two spend together, it in itself is mesmerizing and beautiful. Fighting and having arguments in simplest stuffs and later on realizing your own mistake and putting every single effort to make it work out again is what I prefer to call real love. “Love is not based on romance, candle light dinners, and walks along the seashore. Infact, its based on respect, compromise, care and trust”. There will be time when other people might create problems, misunderstandings might arise, when one can’t give much time, wrong feelings and all the negative thoughts can come in mind. But, it’s all about understanding eachother and trusting your partner. When two people live in two different states; lifestyles to everything else differs, which is the major hindrance in long distance, but one needs to understand the situation, give personal space to eachother and care about every little thing. The true Lovebirds eagerly wait for the date to meet again, checking the calendar marks, to just be beside eachother holding hands and resting head in one’s beloved shoulder. This beauty of long distance relationships, where two people are dying to see eachother and express love is not to be seen in any normal relations.  Its a language that is spoken by all but understood only by heart. Putting aside all the egos and attitude two people need to work out their relation to make it last for a lifetime. If there is determination to make it last no matter the distance or any other obstacle the love will last for eternity.

In a long distance relationship, it is important to understand that the distance is just temporary and if this test can be passed with a little help from both then one can have all the dreams of living a happy life together, fulfilled in future. We need to know that, “Sometimes life just seems like chapters. Some good, some bad, but all come together to create the story of our lives.”
           “No matter the distance or any test you gotta give in life, just treasure your beloved and you’ll live a life you always dreamt of!!!”

It’s all about determination guys, you all can if you will to make it sustain forever!!!

 Because every test and sacrifice is worthy for the person you love like crazy.

–Shraddha Mainali


म र मेरो नेपाल

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थाहा छैन के हुँदैछ अचेल,
कता-कता डर लाग्न थाल्यो अचेल,
किन उजाड लाग्छ यो ठाउ,
किन बिरनो लाग्छ यो देश!

म चाहन्न डुब्न भावनामा,
चाहन्न हाङ्गाबाट झारेको पात जस्तो हुन,
चाहन्न धागोबाट चुडिएको चङ्गा जस्तो हुन,
चाहन्न कसैको लहलहैमा हिंड्न!

म त चाहन्छु केवल एक स्वतन्त्र देश,
चाहन्छु बन्न एक लगनशिल र कर्तव्यपरायण व्यक्ति,
चाहन्छु एक ज्वाजल्यमान भविष्य,
चाहन्छु चहार्न यही गाउ र देश!


तर यदी देश नै रहेन भने गर्नसक्छु म के ?
बन्न सक्छु म कसरी एक कर्णधार नेपाली ?
के रहला त्यो इतिहास विर गोर्खालिको ?
के सदा रहनेछ मेरो देश ?

उठ! उठ! नेपाली, अब भैसक्यो बेला!
देशको लागि केहि गर्ने र फेरी एकपटक इतिहास रच्ने,
मिलेर बनाउ अब सुन्दर देश,
अनी देखाउ सबलाई हाम्रो भेष!!!

— श्रद्धा मैनाली —

मेरो देश मेरो नेपाल!
मेरो देश मेरो नेपाल!