What if…

We talk about Women empowerment, we organize or participate in rallies, we organize talk shows, and any such programs that helps to raise awareness about the welfare of women.

There’s always been few questions boggling on my mind, are these acts making any difference in the society? Are the rallies conducted in the city areas or the programs telecasted on televisions making any difference on the rural areas where even the electricity hasn’t reached yet? Are the minimal field visits of the organizations set up in the valleys that work with the slogan of bringing change in women’s status, actually helping to bring a difference?

Who can give the guarantee that the principal of a school who strictly implements the rule that there should not be any violence based on the gender or any abuse done to any student, would not do the same himself, be it in the schools compound or at his home? Who can give the assurance that a politician who gives an hours speech on equalizing men and women status does not point out differences between his own son and daughter back home? Who says that a police officer who puts the rapists behind the bars would not tend to take advantage of a lonesome girl?

What if a lawyer who helps a woman fight for her rights, would not even be allowing his spouse to go to the vendors? What if a person who walks down the allies in a rally for providing justice to women, seeks for a bride whose family is capable of providing enough dowry to him? What if a boy who is taught to respect females, is secretly shooting mms for money? What if a brother who goes for late night parties with his girlfriend does not even allow his sister to talk to her male friends? What if a guy who romances every day with his partner does not let the maid to enter into the kitchen during her periods?

What if a youngster who recently gave an interview for working in a women welfare based organization, is taking advantage of the crowded bus and dashing on a girl purposely, on his way back home? What if a child who is taught about various social issues and its impacts at school, hears a heartwarming laugh of his grandfather on reading the headlines that states “A lady killed by villagers, claiming her to be a witch”?

So, I wanted to know, what kind of change are we talking about here? Is equalization of women just an outer cover? All I see is our society is draped with curtains, the truth is something else which is hidden behind the walls.

As per my opinion, rallies or talk shows does help attract attention of people on the issues but when it comes into implementation, those discussions held or the slogans chanted isn’t helping bring much of a difference. Many would not agree to it but I believe literacy and self-realization are the only factors that will help us eradicate social issues related to women and help bring equality between two beautiful creations of god.

Both men and women need to self-realize and work on the issues individually first and then together as a whole. It’s a woman who needs to be strong enough to know her worth. She should realize that she isn’t brought to this world to just give birth and take care of household chores. She needs to learn that no one else has right to take or impose decisions about her life. A girl from her early age should be taught that she is the master of her own life and no one can take that power from her, nor her husband nor her brother or her father. She needs to respect herself and be independent in her thoughts and actions so that no human can look her with disrespect. And a man should realize that a woman/girl is no toy. She is a human like them and she has her own will. One needs to understand that, she isn’t a playful material where aggression, anger, or intimidating feelings are taken out on. Instead of teaching boys should not cry, they should be taught that boys don’t make others cry.

A little change in every individual’s thought is necessary because, unless and until each individual brings a change into himself/herself, this problem won’t eradicate from the society. But if not there will be a never ending lines of “What if’s”.

It’s a high time we work on it to build a better society to live in. So, let’s get started, before it’s too late!!!


Hidden Stories- Women’s Day Special

“I stand still, still like a rock, my hands holding my head, It feels like it’s gonna burst, burst aloud!!
I am helpless, helpless as always, no idea about what to do and what not to. I just stand still, hopelessly that it’ll stop. But no, there’s no end to this. I am suffocating inside, I wanna speak out stop, stop, please stop!! But no I can’t, words simply don’t fall out of my mouth, and I stand still, still as a rock!!!

One fine day, I return from my school, last day of my final exams, so happy that I wrote my exams well and the holidays has begun. As, I entered I saw my mom sweeping the floor, dad sitting at the couch talking on the phone. I started jumping “momma my exams over, yeaa…hehee”. She just nodded her head and asked to change and get ready for lunch. I could feel a tensed environment at home.

I instantly got scared, scared that it’s gonna repeat again. As I was changing my clothes I could hear loud shouts across the hall, I thought of not going out of the room. I checked if the door was locked or not, cause I didn’t want to hear any of that. I prayed “God no not today, please don’t end this day, this way. No not today, not today….!!!”

(Thud) Loud sound!! I got up from my bed, ran to the door to check what’s going on, but I didn’t have the guts to. (Thud) Again, “I can’t resist, I need to stop it, I can’t stay like this”, I spoke to myself.
And I walked out. Right in front of the door, laid my mother, her hair strangled all over her face, fallen as if dead, and my father stood manly a foot far with the expression of anger and arrogance.

With my shaky hands I went to lift my mother, her lips were bleeding. As she stood up I saw blood on the floor, she was on her periods. My father who stays strict to his rules of menstruating women should not even touch any male, was beating her to death. I try to separate them, but the voice and their actions get louder and louder. Why are they doing this, it has become a daily story now. I read in my social studies book that drunk men beat their wife, but he isn’t even drunk here, why is it happening, I am unaware about.

I try to stop him, but he pushes me away so easily with a dash, as if I am a ball of cotton. My little hands aren’t strong enough to save my mother from my own father who seems like a devil at the moment. How disgust the situation is.

This gets worsen, worst, and I am helpless now, I stand there still, still as a rock, m helpless to stop my own parents from behaving as an enemy to each other. I stand still, hopeless that it’ll stop, I stand still, helpless to save my family from breaking down, and here once again, I stand still as rock.”- From the eyes of a bud.

Today we celebrate international women’s day. It has been marked as a holiday since decades in our calendar but I still wander how many innocent eyes are witnessing such incidents even today. I wander how many such stories are yet hidden behind the locked doors. The purpose of marking and celebrating International women’s day isn’t just about performing skits or dramas or going on a rally, it’s beyond that. And we need to realize that! The sooner we do, the better it is.

नारी जननी, नारी शक्ति, नारी शृष्टीकि दिब्य प्रकाश्!!!