Life is a journey of obstacles and struggles that every person goes through in order to be happy. Happiness can come in any form; it depends on the person for what seems to be pleasant and seems to seek happiness to him. Happiness in itself is a mystery, some see it in admiring the beauty of nature, for some it is to be beside a lover/ soul mate/ have a happy family, for some it can be to be a topper/ successful/ earn fame and money or any other. In a gist, be it life or happiness it all depends on the persona of the individual.

I asked a couple of people, the same question: “What is life to them?” Everyone had a different answer but as their answers came along I realized that none of them actually could define life perfectly. The word itself is ambiguous and vast.

With the style of living, situations that come across and the ongoing augment of experiences makes a man look towards life in a different way. The same person who was happy a minute ago with a change in a situation can start cursing his life the very next moment.

Thus, I believe that life isn’t all about happiness. Sorrows and disappointments can come along on every step of the road that you take. But instead of sitting in a corner and crying over the mishaps and cursing the fate, destiny and all the other stuffs, we should learn to tackle it with full determination and maybe then so called Life can seem happy to all living beings.


At the end, I just wanted to give a message that different situations don’t define us or our life in a whole. Life and the happiness that we count on every minute is all in our hand, no outsider can change it unless and until we allow them to. So people, make your own fate, and handle your life journey the way you want it and run towards your dreams, if you do so trust me you will be the happiest of all and your life will be soothing as the sound of a birds chirp.

Because you’ve got just one life babe and you got to enjoy it to the fullest, before it’s too late.