Little tips on life =)

Don’t you have those days, when you pity on yourself. When you feel like you’re feelings, emotions or simply your whole life is breaking apart leaving you with hollowness and depression. While you continue your daily routine, college life, hanging around with friends, job and colleagues, family, relatives everyone is right there yet you feel like something is missing out. I’m not talking about a lover or a companion but a part of yourself.
A part that you used to like, that passionate you, mischievous, naughty, the one who didn’t think twice about doing the things you wanted, the one who saw everything with a different perspective, the one who smiled foolishly and whole heartedly in stupid jokes and scenarios, the one who saw hope even in the darkest of things!!
Don’t you miss that part of you? Which seems to have lost in this world of chaos, jealousy and hatred. You are trapped into your own illusion of what people might think or what they might be assuming or do they even like me or not abd bla bla blaablaaa….!!! You’re not even sure if they are actually thinking about you or bitching about you and your acts. Yet you’re here punishing yourself by thinking something that shouldn’t even matter and killing the innocence of the real you that has seemed to be lost since the past months. 
Thinking too much and putting yourself in the wrong course of emotions and fluctuating our moods with stupid logics and putting yourself through tears and depression stuffs isn’t what you really deserve, isn’t it? 
So guys lets just not give a damn about what others think. Let’s just relax enjoy the days that we have and just chill out. Have peace of mind and get that charm back. And always remember no one can do wrong to you until and unless you allow them to. Stressing out isn’t the solution, go out have fun, take a break, meet new people, live-love-laugh and just be you, The Real You.
Live your life honey, you’ve got only one to.