Keep it simple

When the sky covers the light of the sun, casting darkness in the world, some panic for they cannot see anything while some wait for the silver lining that every cloud has.

In this world, there are two types of people: one who drown deep in the sorrows or mishaps of life and the other one who waits for opportunities/ simply make things happen for their betterment and get over their problem.

Well unfortunately, in today’s world people seem to be easily offended by small things that happen around or in their life, making it more difficult to tackle and look out to the ray of hope that is trying to enter into their hollowness. It can’t be just me who has noticed that youth of today rarely open up their feelings totally to anyone. In the battle of getting better in studies or careers we have forgotten the true meaning of socializing. It is hard for most of the people to come out of the confusion of trusting or not to trust, say or not to say, open up or not to and it goes on and on and on. These thoughts overrule every individuals mind, doesn’t it? That’s why people prefer to update their feelings or moments on various social sites by hiding their own identity. So that there’s no judgement or criticisms maybe.

Whenever a question comes, Who is a man? Or define a human being. A sentence is always mentioned in it, “man is a social animal”. Well I find it funny, cause in the rush of 21st century, we people have somewhere forgotten to enjoy life, true meaning of communication and companionship. Everyone nowadays enjoy the virtual and reel world than the real one.

Before the playground used to be filled with children and teenagers playing games and using creativities to simply have fun. But now, the definition of having fun has totally changed. Watching cartoons or playing some video games in a locked room is more preferred, copying things from internet has taken up the use of own mind, own creativity. Communicating face to face does not occur more, it’s all about chats, messages, calls. Well if I go on comparing the list will be quite long. What I am trying to emphasize on is that, the virtual world has taken over so powerfully that we have lost the true essence of life.

I don’t say I’m not influenced by it, ofcourse I am. Whenever the waiter brings the food on my table even I tend to pick up my phone and upload it asap, like you all. But now that I think deep, instead of grabbing it to fill out the tummy why waste time making some posts, ain’t it? Well I don’t know how effective my words are here, but i feel it’s really high time that we change our lifestyle and try to keep it more simple. You might think this is some usual topic, who cares and stuffs but tell me how many of you haven’t gone through the symptoms of migraine when you had a simple headache. Don’t lie. It’s just an example to show how deeply our lifestyle has been affected by this not so real world. Simplicity at its best has its own beauty. The more we complicate it the more shallowness or depthless our life will become. 

Complication comes in each and every step of our life. And I feel that if we can indulge more in productive activities than hanging on our phone or laptop and be surfing net 24/7 it can be really fruitful. Instead of trying to make connection over some lame trolls and posts and giggling or crying over it how good it be if we could talk in person get some good laughing therapies or share emotions and get over of whatever is dragging you down. Who knows the problem that you thought could take you down the sea might seem less problematic when you know what others are dealing with at the same time they can help you solve yours and save you big time. That’s better than updating status or feeling low reading some posts, isn’t it?

Well life is complicated, infact somebody said that “The most complicated task today is finding a way to live a simple life”. So let us not make it more difficult or complex and try to stop surfing net or social sites to enjoy the little things that is around, mingle with people know about them, open up, feel good and on top keep it simple and see the change. “After all life is really simple, we ourselves create the circumstances that complicate it”.



I understand what a heartbreak or simply not being with a lover u love the most in the world feels like. I finally do. Before when someone came to me saying that they are hurt cause their beloved rejected him/her i used to take it very lightly and just give a random advice, “just move on dude get over her/him”. It was very easy to say “ur not my type” or “sorry, we can’t be together” and in addition to console them “you’ll get someone much better than me, we’re just not meant to be”…….. so easily words used to flow then cause I had not felt that emptiness myself. That silence on the outside which is a total contrast to the loud inner voice that is dying to speak out and say those magical words to that special someone. To embrace that special person and cry your heart out to tell how much it hurts to not be in their company, to miss them and still act normal as if you don’t feel anything at all…. it’s hard, it really is.
To get cutoff from talking day and night, functioning it as a daily routine aka being habituated to it and suddenly it all stops in a second, damn it’s painful.
When people used to post stuffs related to love it seemed a bit of exaggeration to me until i fell for one too. Then the heart breaks post used to be like “what in earth are they talking about, why ain’t they together instead of writing this all in social sites and blablaaa…”. Honestly i used to hate such posts and people who kept on murmuring about it. And now that I stand in the same place, I finally understand what they must have gone through and how dissapointing and miserable their life might have been. Nomatter what the reasons be for them to not be with that special someone, heartbreak is a heartbreak and is painful than anything else. It’s a feeling that can be understood by only those people who have been through this or are going through it.
I finally have respect to those people who have dealt with it by sorting it out together or getting over it. I salute you all for getting over such a big battle of emotions. I hope no one has to go through this phase where it feels like you are alive but with no soul, where you’re walking but walking dead #emotionally, where you smile on the outside while you cry every night to sleep, where you are socializing in a room filled with people yet can never get over the loneliness that you feel on the inside…….

It’s hard going through a heartbreak/ simply not being with your lover, that’s why I wish no one will ever have to go through this.
Stay blessed people, stay happy and enjoy the moment you all are living in, who knows what tomorrow’s sunshine will bring.