हरेक पाइला तिम्रो, मेरो जीवनको उज्याली बन्यो,

हरेक बोलिले तिम्रो, मलाई हास्न सिकायो,

हरेक स्पर्शले तिम्रो मलाई बाच्ने एउटा नयाँ उमङ दियो ।

तिमी मेरो मुटुको ढुक्ढुकी, तिमीनै मेरो जुन र तारा, तिमीनै मेरो जीवन भन्थेउ…

तर आज, मलाई ह्जारौ सपना देखाइ छआडिगएु,

रुदैछु आज यो अन्धेरी साँझमा, ति मिठा पलहरु सम्झी,

तिमीलाई जीवनसाथी बनाउन कती रोए, कती कराए, कती प्रयास गरे,


तिमी मेरो नरही गएु आफ्नै संसारमा, शायद तिमी एउटा मिठो भूल रहेछौ,

सपना बुन्न त सिकाएु, अनि आँफै ति गुच्छाहरुलाई चुडेर गएु!

कही कतै मैले भुल त गरिन?

कही कतै तिमीले मेरो माया लाई बुझेनौ?

शायद! शायद माया मैले गर्न जानिन, तिमीलाई आफ्नो बनाउन जानिन,

शायद! शायद!!

तर माया त तिम्रै लाग्छ सधै, तिम्रै बास हुनेछ यो मुटुमा,

तिम्रै पर्खाइमा आजपनी यो मन रोइरहेछ, 

फर्की आउ माया, फर्किआउ !!! 




ति दिन हरुनी थिए, जब ख्यालठट्टा गर्नपनी हिच्किचाउनु पर्दैनथियो, 

र आजको दिन छ, आफ्नो मनको भावना तिमी सामु पोखनपनी सक्दिन,
भन्न चाहन्छु कती माया गर्छु,
कती महत्त्वो छ तिम्रो यो जीवनमा,
त्यो साथ, त्यो आत्मियतालाई कती याद गर्छु भनेर
तिमीलाई लाग्छ होला मेरो मन बद्लिएछ,
तर कसरी भनु समयले बाध्यबनयो मलाई।
तिमी सँग हुने चाहना त कती थियो,
कती सपना बुनेर बसेथिए,
कती समय आजै पनि तिम्रै कल्पनामा बिताउछु,
तर समयले बाध्य बनायो मलाई।


तिम्रो हुने चाहना हुँदाहुँदै आफुलाई दबाउन बाध्य म,
तिम्रै मुस्कान हेरी जीवन बिताउनेछु।
आजनी तिमीलाई थाहा नदी तिम्रै मायामा डुबेकोछु,
ति मिठा पल हरुकै सम्झनाको शहर मा सारा जीवन बिताउनेछु।
एती मात्रै बिन्तिछ, मलाई घ्रिना नगरिदिनु,
म त तिम्रै हुन चाहन्छु, तर समयले अनौठो खेल रचएकोछ,
बाध्यता मा बधेकी म, मेरो बाध्यता बुझिदिनु,

मलाई माफ गरिदिनु, मलाई माफ गरिदिनु!!!

Trip to Ghandruk


Ghandruk is a town and Village Development Committee in Kaski District in the Gandaki Zone of northern-central Nepal.
Ghandruk is a popular place for treks in the Annapurna range of Nepal( i.e. specially for Annapurna Base camp trek), with easy trails and various accommodation possibilities. From Ghandruk there are views to the mountains of Annapurna including Machapuchare, Himchuli. By this reason it’s purely in natural setting.


How to get to this beautiful village?

  • After you reach Pokhara, you can board a bus, hier some vehicle or travel in a bike too. As per your comfort.

{If you are not from Pokhara, and wandering how to get there, then it’s pretty simple:
You can reach to Pokhara by bus, bike or micro vans or even a flight. If you want, you can also reserve any vehicle and drive to Pokhara.}

  • There are various options to reach this village.
  1. You can stop by at Birenthanti and walk along the way to Ghandruk.
  2. As you enter the Ghandruk VDC, you can take up the stone paved staircase that leads to Ghandruk village.
  3. Or simply, drive all the way and take 5 to 15 mins walk up the hill.


Yaa, that’s all. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

On the way to the village you will be able to see different scenarios of the nature, that will bring peace to mind. And also various cultures and typical traditions of village which has helped the villagers earn their livelihood since ages.


Here’s a 3 minute video of my trip to Ghandruk. Check it out!

Hope this was helpful, do let me know if you found this helpful. And what you would like me to post about in upcoming days.


10 things to do at Pokhara

Things to do at pokhara

Pokhara, the 2nd largest city of Nepal offers a variety of things you can do as per your interest.

Here, are 10 things you would not want to miss out when you make your next plan to travel to this city.

  1. Fewa Lake:


The basic thing no one misses out is visiting this lake also known as Phewa Lake. Boating is an option available, to take a tour of this lake and visit the ‘Barahi Temple’ situated at the center of the lake.

2. Begnas Lake:


It is another beautiful creation of nature in the city of lakes where you can witness the reflection of Annapurna and Machhapuchre reflected in the crystal clear surface of this lake. It also facilitates the visitors with the pleasure of boating.

3. Devi’s Falls:


Also known as पातले छाङ्गो, it’s a waterfall which forms an underground tunnel which is 500 ft long and runs 100 ft below ground level. It is said that a swiss couple Davi went swimming but the woman drowned in a pit because of overflow and so it was named as Devi’s fall.

4. Caves:

  •  Gupteshwor Mahadev cave:


Across the road from Devi’s falls, this cave consists of a huge stalagmite worshipped as a Shiva linga. All you gotta do is buy a ticket at the gate and clamber through a damp tunnel behind the shrine, you will be able to see thundering waters of devi’s falls.

  • Chamero gufa:


Also called Bat cave and Mahendra cave, is located close to the Seti river. It is the large limestone cave whoch is famous for the bats that can be seen hanging by the walls.

5. Sunrise @ Sarangkot:


Anyone who comes to Pokhara doesn’t miss a chance to get to this place. To witness the sunrise and its gleaming rays making, the peaks of Annapurna range shine brighter and brighter as it rises higher in the sky.

6. Peace Stupa:


Also known as शान्ती गुम्बा, a Buddhist pagoda style located on a hilltop in Ananda hill is a place where you can find an immense inner peace of mind.

7. Bindhya Basini Temple:


It is located near Bagar, in Pokhara Nepal. It is one of the popular attraction in the city as people come here to worship the hindu deities Bindhya Basini.

8. Pokhara Museum: International Mountain Museum


With an objective of maintaining systematic records of the successful eight thousanders, geographic flora and fauna and human activities in the range, the IMM has been established at the foot step of fishtail peak and gateway to the mountain region.

9. Sports activities:

Pokhara offers many interesting and exciting sports adventures for the tourists both internal and external.

Some of them are:

  • Parasailing/ paragliding


  • Zipflyer


  • Mountain biking


  • Ultralight


  • Handgliding


  • Skydiving


  • Paramotor


  • Boating


10. Live music:

live music

At the end of the day, being a social animal, you might want to relax with your friends or family, not to disappoint you this city offers a variety of foods and beverages with live music performed by various artists in different restaurants which will surely make you groove and help make new friends along the way.

So, these are the things you can plan to do while visiting pokhara the gateway to the Annapurna circuit, a popular trail in Himalayas.

Let me know, in the comment section down below, which of the above mentioned things you wish to try out and if you already have what was your experience about it and also what topic would you like me to talk about in my next post.

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(Reference: some of the pictures were extracted from google for this post)