Boudhanath Stupa

Boudhanath known as “Khasti” in Nepali language, is located at Boudha, Kathmandu. One can easily get here in a local bus, tempo, micro bus, taxi, or even self drive to this location.


The Buddhist stupa of Boudhanath is one of the largest in the world. Its height is about 36m and is designated as world heritage sites since 1979.

It is believed that thousands of deities incarnated as lamas in the Baudha Stupa. It is said that because of Rabne, the rays of Bodhisattva’s entered in, from heaven and the holy sound was heard in the sky. That is why,it is viewed with a great reverence.


Boudhanath Stupa is not only famous among the Buddhists but among the other religion followers too. From children to youngsters to old, every individual comes here to pay a visit and to find peace of mind and soul.


The Stupa had been severely damaged in April 2015 Nepal earthquake. As a result a lot of reconstruction was done which was completed by the end of Oct 2016. In-fact, it was the first monument to be reconstructed after that devastating earthquake.


There are a lot of hangout spots around the Stupa which is praised by both internal and external tourists. One can also find various restros that serve delicious Tibetan foods such as: laphing, pojay momo, et cetera.


It is indeed one of the best places to visit as the scenic beauty of the Stupa and background hymn gives immense ecstacy.

A short video on Boudhanath Stupa, follow to be updated about my poss!!




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    1. Well it is a dreamland, you can always plan your next vacation to this beautiful place. You will be warmly welcomed!! 😊


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