Choices to say things that were not supposed to be uttered

Choices to sit back in the darkened room instead of going to a get together

Choices of taking a U-turn rather than going straight just to avoid a particular hangout spot

Choices of taking a day off to lay down on your bed and not for hanging out with friends

Choices of crying to sleep on a lonely night and yet saying, ‘I am fine’ the next morning

Choices of intaking calories to overcome cloudy thoughts than jogging on a sunny morning

Choices of putting a smile upfront while that monster has crushed you totally and completely deep inside

Choices of working your ass off to make everyone happy around you though nobody gives a shit about your feelings

And it continues….

So many

Choices of this rather than that…

Creating a pause from a choice to be made that is solely dedicated to self happiness and joy….


Put a fullstop to those Choices and choose,

Choose just a single choice…

Choice of doing justice to self.


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