Choices to say things that were not supposed to be uttered

Choices to sit back in the darkened room instead of going to a get together

Choices of taking a U-turn rather than going straight just to avoid a particular hangout spot

Choices of taking a day off to lay down on your bed and not for hanging out with friends

Choices of crying to sleep on a lonely night and yet saying, ‘I am fine’ the next morning

Choices of intaking calories to overcome cloudy thoughts than jogging on a sunny morning

Choices of putting a smile upfront while that monster has crushed you totally and completely deep inside

Choices of working your ass off to make everyone happy around you though nobody gives a shit about your feelings

And it continues….

So many

Choices of this rather than that…

Creating a pause from a choice to be made that is solely dedicated to self happiness and joy….


Put a fullstop to those Choices and choose,

Choose just a single choice…

Choice of doing justice to self.



I know it’s been a long gap since I uploaded my works. Sincere apologies.

I had been to one of the most beautiful city of India i.e. Jaipur and finally I have been able to take out some time to upload some pictures depicting the beauty of Jaipur here.

P.S. 📸Some of these pictures are taken from Samsung Galaxy s7 and most of them from Canon 14×16mm.

Hope you liked it. 😊


Hey guys, today I am going to talk about a really sensitive topic, which people tend to ignore or neglect until the occurence of some mishaps. So the topic is Suicide. Actually, I wanted to write about this since a long time but I had to find a really nice way to present this and leave a positive impact on people.

I have finally prepaed this post, so let’s get started:

As per the wikipedia, Suicide is defined as ” the act of intentionally causing one’s own death” and there can be various causes to persuade one to reach to that point.

Since the past few months, there has been a rapid increase in the number of suicide cases. The bizzare thing about suicide is while one chooses to finish his/her life to end the pain, he/she is actually transmitting that pain to someone who really cares about the person.


Well if you are feeling suicidal and reading this right now, you might think that nobody cares about you or it is not gonna harm anyone and all that you just read is bullshit. Well, that’s not true! I believe that there is no individual in this whole world who is unloved or not worthy of being cared.
You need to know that as the persona, it differs from one individual to another how they choose to show the love and affection. Some might shout at you to make you aware of the bad friend circle while some can talk to you in a nice way for the same case. While some might threaten to leave you if you don’t quit your bad habits, while some can stick to you 24/7 to ensure you don’t get habituated to it again. All I am trying to say is, people have their own ways of communicating and showing their care. We should be able to see the motive behind their talks and actions rather than comparing them to someone else or your fantasies of how situations should have turned out to be and make an unfavourable conclusion.

Any situation should be analysed and thought through accurately so that you do not end up howling about every little things and bottle up a lot of negativity within you for no reason. Positive and negative stuffs should be distinguished carefully while your mind is at peace. That’s why people say that, hasty decisions will only lead one towards great trouble.

As I said earlier, there are many reasons for attempting to end self: depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia. These are mental health  condition which can be fought and are defeatable. It is basically found to have started from the smaller stuffs.

If you are one of the person who thinks that you do not have any interesting factors in your life: like you are not lucky, anything you try doesn’t work at all, your parents are always complaining about your studies and how irresponsible you are, or if you are a graduate and choose to stay home all day: the relatives complain about your career, your crush not responding to your texts, people commenting on your size/ height/ color or anything that is troubling you which you do not open about with people, willing to help then that is when it all piles up deep down to your heart and starts creating venoms to poision you to death.

Yes, if you take it lightly and choose a positive way of dealing it alone then that’s good too, you do not necessarily need to open about every stuffs. Unless you are a person who has started doubting about your worth, and feel like you are drowning inside with loneliness and start crying out for little or no reason at all, then you should seek out for help. It is high time you do. And trust me it is not a bad thing to be depressed or ask help for mental health conditions. If you think that people around you would not understand about how you are feeling then, do not forget that there is always a professional just a step ahead, waiting for a knock at their door.

You might be thinking, that why is she talking as if she is an expert! I  know I am not a psychologist or some research expert. I just wanna be a helping hand to end this devastating issue which seems to have spread as a trend in today’s world. Above that, I believe that one does not need a degree or some special courses to save a drowning soul.

So if you want to help someone who is suffering inside or if you yourself are, then here are few tips that can help you stabilize your mind and heart and ultimately free your soul from cynical impacts.

  • I understand that, it’s not always possible to prevent suicidal thoughts, but keeping your mind healthy with regular exercise, healthy eating and maintaining friendships can help you cope better with stressful or upsetting situations.
  • If someone is feeling suicidal, then encourage them to talk about their feelings, ask questions without making them more irritated. Do not just leave by saying that it happens to all, do not rush so fast to make a judgement cause you will only push them farther from you. Listen to them carefully and provide suggestions without making them feel inferior.
  • If it is you that need help, think about the first five closest people who have always stood by you and then go and talk to them about what you are going through. They will surely stand by you.
  • If suicidal risk is high or severe, make sure guns, knives, drugs and other harmful substances are out of reach and do not leave the person alone in any circumstances.
  • Suggest or take an appointment with a psychiatrist, if you feel it is really needed. No need to be ashamed of it cause extreme emotional pain and distress is not a sign of an mental illness. And it is better to seek help than ending a life, isn’t it?
  • Make a safety plan and continue your support/ keep sharing your feelings to your closed one (if it is you) over the long haul.

Things that you are not supposed to do with a suicidal person:

  • Argue.
  • Act shocked when they share their feelings.
  • Give promising advice. One needs to understand, how badly the person might be hurt and your confident promises if not fulfilled might break them into more peices.
  • Do not blame yourself, if you are unable to fix their problem. Instead ask for professional help. While doing this you might have to break your promise of keeping their problems as a secret. But what needs to be done for betterment cannot wait longer, right?!

Lastly, I wanna mention that certain series or movie can depict how people end their life on what terms and conditions, like for example: 13 reasons why. I want you to be aware that such film clips might sometimes show relevant stuffs while most of the time they are just exaggeration in order to make business. So, one should not be moved or be influenced by such reel events and make hasty decisions in real life.

Because everyone is precious in their own way and so is your life and ending it would not be a right decision no matter what the reason is.

Thank you, so much for sticking upto this last line, I hope I was able to make a point. If you like it or think that it could be helpful for someone, then do share and help to create a suicide free society.

Let’s go by the quote, “Happy Soul for a Happy Living”!!

Keep it simple

When the sky covers the light of the sun, casting darkness in the world, some panic for they cannot see anything while some wait for the silver lining that every cloud has.

In this world, there are two types of people: one who drown deep in the sorrows or mishaps of life and the other one who waits for opportunities/ simply make things happen for their betterment and get over their problem.

Well unfortunately, in today’s world people seem to be easily offended by small things that happen around or in their life, making it more difficult to tackle and look out to the ray of hope that is trying to enter into their hollowness. It can’t be just me who has noticed that youth of today rarely open up their feelings totally to anyone. In the battle of getting better in studies or careers we have forgotten the true meaning of socializing. It is hard for most of the people to come out of the confusion of trusting or not to trust, say or not to say, open up or not to and it goes on and on and on. These thoughts overrule every individuals mind, doesn’t it? That’s why people prefer to update their feelings or moments on various social sites by hiding their own identity. So that there’s no judgement or criticisms maybe.

Whenever a question comes, Who is a man? Or define a human being. A sentence is always mentioned in it, “man is a social animal”. Well I find it funny, cause in the rush of 21st century, we people have somewhere forgotten to enjoy life, true meaning of communication and companionship. Everyone nowadays enjoy the virtual and reel world than the real one.

Before the playground used to be filled with children and teenagers playing games and using creativities to simply have fun. But now, the definition of having fun has totally changed. Watching cartoons or playing some video games in a locked room is more preferred, copying things from internet has taken up the use of own mind, own creativity. Communicating face to face does not occur more, it’s all about chats, messages, calls. Well if I go on comparing the list will be quite long. What I am trying to emphasize on is that, the virtual world has taken over so powerfully that we have lost the true essence of life.

I don’t say I’m not influenced by it, ofcourse I am. Whenever the waiter brings the food on my table even I tend to pick up my phone and upload it asap, like you all. But now that I think deep, instead of grabbing it to fill out the tummy why waste time making some posts, ain’t it? Well I don’t know how effective my words are here, but i feel it’s really high time that we change our lifestyle and try to keep it more simple. You might think this is some usual topic, who cares and stuffs but tell me how many of you haven’t gone through the symptoms of migraine when you had a simple headache. Don’t lie. It’s just an example to show how deeply our lifestyle has been affected by this not so real world. Simplicity at its best has its own beauty. The more we complicate it the more shallowness or depthless our life will become. 

Complication comes in each and every step of our life. And I feel that if we can indulge more in productive activities than hanging on our phone or laptop and be surfing net 24/7 it can be really fruitful. Instead of trying to make connection over some lame trolls and posts and giggling or crying over it how good it be if we could talk in person get some good laughing therapies or share emotions and get over of whatever is dragging you down. Who knows the problem that you thought could take you down the sea might seem less problematic when you know what others are dealing with at the same time they can help you solve yours and save you big time. That’s better than updating status or feeling low reading some posts, isn’t it?

Well life is complicated, infact somebody said that “The most complicated task today is finding a way to live a simple life”. So let us not make it more difficult or complex and try to stop surfing net or social sites to enjoy the little things that is around, mingle with people know about them, open up, feel good and on top keep it simple and see the change. “After all life is really simple, we ourselves create the circumstances that complicate it”.


I understand what a heartbreak or simply not being with a lover u love the most in the world feels like. I finally do. Before when someone came to me saying that they are hurt cause their beloved rejected him/her i used to take it very lightly and just give a random advice, “just move on dude get over her/him”. It was very easy to say “ur not my type” or “sorry, we can’t be together” and in addition to console them “you’ll get someone much better than me, we’re just not meant to be”…….. so easily words used to flow then cause I had not felt that emptiness myself. That silence on the outside which is a total contrast to the loud inner voice that is dying to speak out and say those magical words to that special someone. To embrace that special person and cry your heart out to tell how much it hurts to not be in their company, to miss them and still act normal as if you don’t feel anything at all…. it’s hard, it really is.
To get cutoff from talking day and night, functioning it as a daily routine aka being habituated to it and suddenly it all stops in a second, damn it’s painful.
When people used to post stuffs related to love it seemed a bit of exaggeration to me until i fell for one too. Then the heart breaks post used to be like “what in earth are they talking about, why ain’t they together instead of writing this all in social sites and blablaaa…”. Honestly i used to hate such posts and people who kept on murmuring about it. And now that I stand in the same place, I finally understand what they must have gone through and how dissapointing and miserable their life might have been. Nomatter what the reasons be for them to not be with that special someone, heartbreak is a heartbreak and is painful than anything else. It’s a feeling that can be understood by only those people who have been through this or are going through it.
I finally have respect to those people who have dealt with it by sorting it out together or getting over it. I salute you all for getting over such a big battle of emotions. I hope no one has to go through this phase where it feels like you are alive but with no soul, where you’re walking but walking dead #emotionally, where you smile on the outside while you cry every night to sleep, where you are socializing in a room filled with people yet can never get over the loneliness that you feel on the inside…….

It’s hard going through a heartbreak/ simply not being with your lover, that’s why I wish no one will ever have to go through this.
Stay blessed people, stay happy and enjoy the moment you all are living in, who knows what tomorrow’s sunshine will bring.

Little tips on life =)

Don’t you have those days, when you pity on yourself. When you feel like you’re feelings, emotions or simply your whole life is breaking apart leaving you with hollowness and depression. While you continue your daily routine, college life, hanging around with friends, job and colleagues, family, relatives everyone is right there yet you feel like something is missing out. I’m not talking about a lover or a companion but a part of yourself.
A part that you used to like, that passionate you, mischievous, naughty, the one who didn’t think twice about doing the things you wanted, the one who saw everything with a different perspective, the one who smiled foolishly and whole heartedly in stupid jokes and scenarios, the one who saw hope even in the darkest of things!!
Don’t you miss that part of you? Which seems to have lost in this world of chaos, jealousy and hatred. You are trapped into your own illusion of what people might think or what they might be assuming or do they even like me or not abd bla bla blaablaaa….!!! You’re not even sure if they are actually thinking about you or bitching about you and your acts. Yet you’re here punishing yourself by thinking something that shouldn’t even matter and killing the innocence of the real you that has seemed to be lost since the past months. 
Thinking too much and putting yourself in the wrong course of emotions and fluctuating our moods with stupid logics and putting yourself through tears and depression stuffs isn’t what you really deserve, isn’t it? 
So guys lets just not give a damn about what others think. Let’s just relax enjoy the days that we have and just chill out. Have peace of mind and get that charm back. And always remember no one can do wrong to you until and unless you allow them to. Stressing out isn’t the solution, go out have fun, take a break, meet new people, live-love-laugh and just be you, The Real You.
Live your life honey, you’ve got only one to.